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“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited about what could go right”

Tony Robbins

About Lucid Bunny Tarot

Let’s Get To Know Each Other.

About Lucid Bunny

Welcome to Lucid Bunny Tarot. You can call me Bunny if you want. I am your honest psychic reader, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, and Clairaudience tarot reader.

My abilities and practice as a medium have been passed down through generations. I possess a rare connection and ability to communicate to the spirit world through my dreams and readings, and I use this ability to interpret the messages I receive from the other side.

I have dedicated myself to helping and guiding those who I connect with. Sometimes the truth hurts, which is why I provide a judgment-free zone and a safe place for any question or concern about your life and situations.

Online Tarot Services

Online Tarot Services


Recorded Tarot Reading Session

The Recorded Tarot Reading Session can help you to understand your past, present, and future, and unlock your true potential.

Live Tarot Reading Session

A live tarot reading can offer guidance on any issue, whether it is related to love, relationships, career, or other areas of your life. If you are seeking clarity and direction, a live tarot reading from Lucid Bunny Tarot can be helpful.

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Candle Magic

Magic & spell rituals have been used throughout time to focus and direct intent while honoring and evoking the divine. our products are dressed and enchanted with herbs, oils & crystals chosen for their metaphysical & magical properties.

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 Quick Tip –

Tarot cards tend to have a “traditional structure to the deck and common meanings. Most tarot decks are based on the original Rider-Waite deck. As a result, most tarot decks share common themes and messages.

Oracle cards are really “free-flowing”. Oracle cards tend to be very broad, can be interpreted in many ways, and contain many different types of content.

The Lucid Bunny Youtube Channel is a must-see. Here is a sneak peek into my world of tarot & magic.

“Lucid Bunny brought light to my world when it was very dark.”

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Fill out the contact form below to schedule live sessions and tarot learning classes me. Please, let me know you interest in the “message” section.

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This course covers the history and prepares you for the practice of Tarot Reading. 

* Class are booked as private sessions on a first come first serve basis.

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