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Greetings world. I am your dedicated psychic reader, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, and Clairaudience tarot reader.

My abilities and practice as a medium have been passed down through generations. I possess a rare connection and ability to communicate to the spirit world through my dreams and my readings, and I use this ability to interpret the messages I receive from the other side.

I have dedicated myself to helping and guiding those who I connect with. I accomplish this through my intuitive services. I provide a judgment-free zone and a safe place for any question or concern about your life and situations.

About Lucid Bunny Tarot


My Story


2022 this year has been the most important part of my life, becoming a mother and understanding what matters and what no longer matters in my 3-dimensional life. Giving natural birth to my daughter at home has been an experience for the physical and spiritual healing journey. I needed to understand how pain can transform into a beautiful new journey. I have dedicated my existence on earth this year to helping others heal and transform the life they always dreamed of living without any blockages and an easier flow of growth and development. Through my services, I offer tarot reading to know your situation and magic spells to change the outcome for the highest good of all! I Use God as my spiritual guide and rely on my ancestors for love and light. Only I can create a beautiful spell that will bring you into harmony, knowing that everything will work out in your favor. Even when life is hard, there is always a path to a more prosperous and loving life. If you’re looking to board your spiritual journey, I can do a consultation where you can ask as many questions as needed before booking any of my services.


This was a tough year for the world. I was on a very spiritual path at this time, life was not what I always thought of it to be. I realized we are the creators of our own reality everything that we can think of can manifest into existence. Sometimes we overthink, and the more I learned to think about positive outcomes and stop thinking of the worst thing that could happen to me, my thought patterns started to automatically create a more anxiety-free life. At this point, I realized no one or nothing has the ability to control my life. We are the creators; we are the ones who can put a stop or create our next step in life. As I started controlling my thoughts more, I realized I needed to dig more into this spiritual world of healing to help others understand that if their situation is not what they want, they can easily change it by changing how they see things. Welcome into my tarot world. I started watching YouTube tarot creators and learning how to read and learn tarot. I was getting more and more pulled into becoming a tarot reader/healer.


I experienced my first spiritual awakening. I realized something had to change in my life, and it was me. I couldn’t understand what was going on, but I realized I was being shaken up by God and spirit to do something different and start a new life, a new journey. I started reading a lot and studying life after death. I read over 10 books in that year all about spirituality. My favorite book and the first spiritual book was “afterlife by Barry Eaton”. After reading this book, my third eye started to open. I realized there was more to life than just the 3-dimensional world we live in. After learning about the afterlife, my real life in this dimension finally started making sense.

Since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed about the other side and spoke to the death through my dreams. My first encounter was with my great-grandma at age 14. I talked to her for hours in my dream, sitting on a bench by the water, after I experienced the same with other people close to my friends or family that have passed on and needed to send a message. After it was my grandfather who now guides me through my dreams and my readings. He has been the most active in my reality, always showing me the way and protecting me from situations. In 2018, I experienced the most amazing experience: physically seeing and hearing my ex-boyfriend, who had recently passed. I felt an extreme feeling of ecstasy all over my body. I smiled and knew it was him. I was told by him, “You know nothing” he meant about life. There was so much more to dig in and learn it was just the beginning for me. I started to see him in my dreams a lot. Until today he is another spirit who’s always guiding me and showing me how to become the best version of myself.




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