Teller Of Truths – Love Oracle Deck


I spend a lot of time creating this deck. When this deck was being created, I struggled with an extremely toxic and emotionally abusive relationship. I was also pregnant with my first child. This deck was made with much love, passion, sadness, heartbreak, and wishful thought of what I wish my ex-relationship was like. Living in an illusion with heartbreak and betrayal, I was able to start creating this in flashcards and used them when I needed hope and guidance. I finally decided to make them official
I hope to help people guide them in the right direction with this one. Also, always use your intuition and current situation to interpret your reading.

Discover the truth behind your
Current, Past, or Future love relationship situation.

Shuffle and let the cards speak to and through you.

- Hand made Oracle deck

- 60 playing cards

- Sealed deck (NEW)

- Poker Size Cards

- No guidebook; straightforward messages are meant to be used with your intuition


  • Created By Me 🙂


  • illustrations by: Kimberly Poston
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